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Xi Jinping, the president of China is taking a big step to boost the country’s economy, particularly in Hainan province. Furthermore, he executes a number of measures in November. That will grow its imports and make aware of the key sectors of the economy.  Changes are at the core of China to advance the “China Dream” of national revival. Further, their policymakers are taking steps to attract foreign inventors. To China to help the country’s effort to seal the position as the global tech power to watch. Together with,  just recently they launched an action to build changes in the people of Hainan.

Hainan, dubbed as the “Hawaii of China”. Thus, Hainan is coming out from vagueness under the government’s plan to make it a magnet for worldwide technology entrepreneurs. Last year, in Haikou the provincial capital of Hainan held a three-day opening event for a new startup incubation program. The group of foreign investors on the island is to participate in the event that brought together 20 startup founders. And a panel of a dozen investment managers. Also, mentors and entrepreneurs from U.S, Europe, Australia, India, and the Middle East. Together with the local R&D centers run China’s tech titans Alibaba.

Thus, the leader of Hainan is promoting an ambitious vision for the Island-province. Peter Yang co-founder of PreShares said that the catalyst would “Digital disruptors” for Hainan. To evolve into the epicenter of a tech ecosystem. So, even the rival province Shenzhen.

This business idea will help the boost of the economy of Hainan province. That will surely give a big step for China in business technology. And this will help more employment for the Chinese people as well as boost the Hainan tourist attraction.


Lastly, Hainan is pushing by China to be front and center in reinforcing this standard with its heavy strike. However, pomp and fanfare alone will not enough. If foreign startup founders to see substance to buy into the story and feel that Hainan levels the playing field for them. This is an interesting development to look out in the near future.

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